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A C T U A L    S I Z E    T H E A T R E    C O M P A N Y


Actual Size offer production led acting classes for over 18s in the Wakefield area. The focus is on developing acting and character development techniques through practical application within a production context. Headed up by professional drama teacher and long-term collaborator Thomas Windle, the weekly classes provide an opportunity for emerging artists and practitioners to develop new skills and build on existing ability.

"I find these sessions very fun and engaging. I always have a lot of fun at actual size and every session brings something new, it helps to improve my confidence. I feel very lucky as an actor to have this opportunity"  Paris Buchanan

Develop your acting skills

The sessions are on Tuesday evenings at our base at the Mechanics theatre in Wakefield and culminate in full-scale productions. A definite for those passionate about developing and maintaining their craft.

"I have really found these acting sessions enjoyable and

very interesting. " Liam Gregar

"The lessons are very engaging and enjoyable I love coming

to sessions.  I have learnt many new techniques such as using

my body to tell story"  Joshua Smith

"The sessions have been very engaging and I always leave

wanting to come back as it teaches me acting skills

in a enjoyable way" Rae Corcoron


Why not join us?

The sessions are £8.00 a session which can be paid monthly or weekly in cash or via an online transaction.

For more information why not email us, address below

"Sessions are always high quality and allow me and others to demonstrate or skills and grow more as actors. Couldn't ask for a better opportunity than actual size"  Guy Hartley

"The sessions are very engaging, and always make me want to come back for more. These sessions are exposing me to new writing and techniques, which is expanding my toolkit as an actor." Tyler Clark

"The sessions are engaging and have given us the chance to grow our skill set in such a fun and professional environment" Violet Cook

Dahling you were marvelous!

‘Dahling You Were Marvellous’ by Stephen Berkoff was the inaugural production of ‘Actual Acting’.

This thoughtful comedy by Steven Berkoff explores the superficial and hypocritical nature of the dazzling thespian world, while also pointing out the vulnerability and good-naturedness that lies beneath it all. Three actors, a director, and a producer are dining at a trendy London restaurant. In the glamour of it all, they complement, flatter, and boast – while privately criticising and drowning in self-doubt.

The show was performed at Mechanics Theatre June 2024 and was greatly received.

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